All books are saddle-stitched with title pages inscribed, affixed, and letter-stamped by hand on paper heavy enough to be worn as a winter coat. These are labors of love, made to last.

All of our publications are currently sold out, but be on the lookout for new titles in early 2012, including CLOCK 2 and Our Beautiful Century, a book of essays by Paige Taggart, Ben Fama, Kate Durbin, Lonely Christopher, Paul Legault, Allen Edwin Butt & Andrew Durbin, edited by Andrew.

When in print, all our publications can be found in person at the Grolier Poetry Book Shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. CLOCK was also available in New York City at St. Mark's Bookshop, McNally JacksonBerl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop, and Unnameable Books.

Except for CLOCK 2, all the current chapbooks and magazines are sold out, but please help yourself to free digital copies below. Thanks for your support.


Edition of 100. $10 (shipping included).

Poems by:

Dana Ward
Ben Mirov
Lisa Ciccarello 
Ben Tripp & Alex Hampshire
Corina Copp
Maryrose Larkin
Ava Lehrer
Mark Lamoureux
Matt Longabucco
Paul Legault
Ish Klein
Paige Taggart


40 pp., Edition of 100., $7
(colors of paper and stitching are various) 

SOLD OUT - download .pdf here

Poems by:

Pierre Alferi
Allen Edwin Butt
Macgregor Card
Jackie Clark
Katie Degentesh
Ben Fama
K. Lorraine Graham
Alina Gregorian
Cole Heinowitz
Dawn Lundy Martin
Ben Mazer
Christie Ann Reynolds

Ben Mazer
The Rain
18 pp., Drama (Verse), Edition of 75, $6


Molly Schaeffer
33 pp., Poetry, Edition of 50, $8

SOLD OUT - download .pdf here

Kit Schluter
Journals & Other Poems
18 pp., Poetry, Edition of 50, $8

SOLD OUT - download .pdf here

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